Legal Floris LLC

When banks fail, an inconvenient, incalculable and uncertain era begins for all stakeholders. Creditors, and mainly regular retail customers with standard bank accounts, are ignorant of the lengthy administrative procedures that return deposits and investments. Deposit protection and in Europe the investor compensation schemes are the first regulatory mechanisms that provide creditors with a capped refund of their investment. Those very creditors with assets exceeding the insured amount, or holding subordinated assets, must appreciate the staged resolution stage of the recovery processes. To avoid that crucial parts of the staged recovery are accidentally skipped, Legal Floris LLC guides mainly the non-resident customers of the financial institution through the recovery process.

Alongside the more traditional liquidity shortages, banks these days can also fail because of regulatory breaches mostly related to sanctions violations and weak anti-money laundering controls. Especially the latter failure comes unexpected and leaves customers insecure about the future. To abate uncertainty, Legal Floris LLC guides creditors through the often cumbersome processes whilst considering the crucial importance of the claim filing procedures.

Regular bank customers, but also sophisticated high net worth individuals and (offshore) companies can experience severe damage by temporary and permanent closures of their bank. To ensure that repayment is maximized, Legal Floris LLC considers recovery during the stages of administration, resolution and liquidation, as well as alternative dispute resolution strategies and pre-liquidation settlement opportunities. The result is that creditors in absolute need of recovery get the greatest potential for success.