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History shows that most bank failures come unexpected. Customers often see their internet banking or ATM card blocked and the information provisioning from the regulator or central bank is limited. Confusion and uncertainty are the result.

A bank failure requires attention of regulators, the bank itself and the creditors to ensure a transparent and fair resolution, while protecting the public interest and limit reputation damages and customer losses. To avoid that tax payer input is required to rescue the financial institution, different legal frameworks provide regulators and central banks with a comprehensive toolbox to solve the disruption in an orderly manner. The objective of a proper resolution is to limit damages and maintain the public confidence in the financial system. Hence the reason that regulators follow a strict regime for bank resolution.

Creditors, such as customers and investors with concerns about the (temporary) closure of a bank, require up to date and most of all correct information on the future prospects of the bank. The exclusive specialization of Legal Floris LLC is in bank failures and cross border investment fraud for high net worth individuals, offshore companies and other non-resident depositors or investors. Our background and experience allows us to provide detailed information that allows all stakeholders to understand the resolution process and anticipate on future regulatory action. Via this website, Legal Floris LLC informs the public on bank failures in general and procures up to date information on related matters and current cases.