Who we are

With this website on Bank Failures, Legal Floris LLC aims to provide those impacted, or soon to be victimized by the closure of their bank with relevant information to minimize and preferably prevent future losses. A bank failure results in resolution procedures that potentially give rise to a closure of the bank with limited access to account balances until a solution is approved by a regulator or the court. Therefore, alongside information provisioning, this website invites bank creditors to contact us for further information on the recovery procedures and their peculiar feasibility.

The need of bank creditors for one single authority to guide them through a bank failure, as well as the absence of a platform that explains procedures and defines timelines within the applicable benchmark is evident. This website delivers such a portal and allows creditors and victims to appoint a specialist in asset and fund recovery. Even though bank resolution is often time consuming and uncertain, Legal Floris LLC has extensive experience in such cases throughout Europe, the UK, and the USA. The cross border nature of bank failures postulates knowledge of different legal systems and domestic regulation in the designated areas.

Legal Floris LLC informs, advices, and represents victims of (offshore) bank failure and investment fraud and substantiates their recovery efforts. By combining distinct creditor claims and classes, a group effort results in an efficient recovery process, whilst considering diversity to achieve maximum results for our customers.

Legal Floris LLC solely operates in the offshore financial industry. Its clientele comprises high net worth individuals, offshore companies, small business owners and other non-resident creditors and investors who get duped by bank failure and investment fraud. During the last decade, the firm assisted hundreds of customers in their path to recovery. The preferred strategy to ensure maximum repayment includes different discovery and recovery actions. Most of the customers of Legal Floris LLC therewith receive staged payments to ultimately get compensated.